[HDdev] ChatBox

[HDdev] Chatbox rules !

  • The [HDdev] Chatbox is accessible to all members, validated or not. In order to avoid overflowing, some rules must be applied.
  • No racist, homophobic or sexual comments will be tolerated on the chatbox. All that can be considered shocking also have no place on the chatbox.
  • Each member must respect and be respected by the different players attending the chatbox. We ask for a minimum of respect between the members.
  • Advertising for a porn site is subject to permanent ban.
  • Personal attacks or conflicts are not allowed on the chatbox. We ask you to manage your different by private message.
  • The chatbox is not a bawdy zone. Be friendly and enjoyable.
  • NEVER DISCLOSE your private information on the chatbox. This is a place open to all, some members could use this information against you. In addition, disclosing personal information may be liable to legal consequences in agreement with the CNIL.
  • Administrators / moderators have the right to kick or ban you from chatbox if they consider your behavior unethical and rules established.
  • Do not hesitate to report to the administrators / moderators a behavior, a disturbing fact if no staff member is present on the chatbox at the time of the facts. Make a screenshot. The staff does not act on more speculation having no material evidence where several testimonies agree.