[HDdev.] Frag-Movie Contest ! Rules ! [ENGLISH]

[HDdev.] Frag-Movie Contest 1 : Announcement and F.A.Q

Today Saturday February 18, the beginning the first [HDdev.] Frag-Movie Contest. It is a contest of Frag-Movie, with a simple rule: to realize the best video in connection with Urban Terror. Faced with the success of the launch of the NationCups and the announcement of the Cash Prize of 700€ for the 3 best teams, today we offer you a contest of Frag-Movie! We will deliver the cover in the coming months with some novelties and surprises! An insured cash prize, prize money, a select jury, and a contest that spans the globe. To know the terms of the contest, we invite you to discover the rest of the article.

Batch LDLC and Cash Prize by HD Development

Let’s put end of the suspense, and look at the LDLC batch awarded to the big winners, as well as their Cash Prize:

  • 1 st Place: 50+ Razer Naga Chroma (valeur: 68,99 €) – Gain: 118,99€
  • 2 nd Place: 30€ + ROCCAT KONE Pure (valeur: 50 €) – Gain: 80€
  • 3 rd Place: 20€ + Logitech Gaming Mouse G300s (valeur: 29,99 €) – Gain: 49,99€

Thanks to LDLC for their confidence and contribution for this contest. The « HDdev » Jury also wants to say thanks to LDLC compagny for the lots and especially to a donor of « HD Développement ». We want to put the package and make the contest unique. This is our first event and we reached 248,98 € of Cash Prize.

[HDdev.] Frag-Movie Contest Jury.

  • [HDdev.Ethan], 29 years old, from Serbia. Student at ESRA: Higher School of Audiovisual Production at Paris, These software: After Effects / 3ds Max / Sony Vegas Pro.
  • [HDdev.Zach], 27 years old, from Spain. Student at AIS: Workshops of the Picture and of the Sound at Marseille, These software: After Effects / Photoshop / Sony Vegas Pro.
  • [HDdev.Sachka], 25 years, from Russia. Student at Studio M and ENSAD: The National School of Decorative Arts, These software: After Effects / Photoshop / 3ds Max / Maya / Cinema4d / Unreal Engine / Modul8 / Arkaos GrandVJ XT / VDMX / MadMapper and more.

You guessed it with this international jury, this year the Frag-Movie Contest is open to all over the world! You will be noted on the quality of your editing, music, frags, jump and other actions of any kind.

[HDdev] F.A.Q Frag-Movie Contest

How to register ?

You must be registered here: https://www.inscript…9UpXyxQDHTa4bl0

PS: You can find more information on our website: http://frag-movie-contest.ovh/

When does the contest begin ?

After the registration period and when we sent e-mail to the participants.

When does the competition end ?

End of the submissions of the Frag-Movies: Monday 10 April at 23:59 (French time).

When will fall the results ?

The results will fall on Saturday, April 15th.

What are the eligibility requirements for the competition ?

– Sound, animation and background can’t be changed on our intro.

– The title of your video on YouTube beginning by « [HDdev] FMC: « and your title here ».

– Submission of your video must be done by e-mail in HD.

– The use of the intro « HDdev » (By ikslorin) at the beginning of your Frag-Movie

(Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6I3w4OMGVsM).

What should be the characteristics of my video ?

– Your video must be related to Urban Terror.

– You don’t have to put only the frags, you can also include jump tricks (only frags maps), voice recordings, and so on.

What software can I use ?

You can use all software.

How long should be my video ?

The duration of your production must be between 3 min and 10 min.

Can we make several videos ?

We only accept one video per person.

What are the scoring criterias ?

– There will be an evaluation with 1 vote by jury and 1 vote of the public.

– We will vote on the choice of music, synchronization, creativity, editing, quality of frags and video, and so on.

– The results of the votes will be published on the table the different criterias of notation of our jury.

– There will be to elect the best video an public vote.

– A score and ranking will be awarded to each video among all the achievements of the candidates and a proposal to make the promotional video for the next edition will be offer to the winner.

Where do the batch and the Cash Prize coming ?

The Cash Prize coming from the HDdev organization (from Sachka). The batch coming from the computer store « LDLC », you can find them at this address: «12-14 Rue de l’Église, 75015 Paris» or in this website: «http://www.ldlc.com/ « . The distribution of the Gains was decided by the jury and also by our contact at LDLC. You can also participate by making a donation to our Group via PayPal (Thanks).

We wish all MovieMakers « Expert or Beginner », good luck for this contest and may the most beautiful Frag-Movie wins!

Sincerely, The HDdev Jury Team.